Monday, November 19, 2007

Modeling Complete! Time for some Prime & Paint...

Here's the progress so far on my Frag-O-Rama minis. About four hours total of assembling, filing, and cleaning up sprue residue. Here's some pix of a few of the figs:

Here's my Painting station:

Priming booth:

I'm using a Chaos Black prime coat on half the models for a nice deep, dark look-- while the other half will be primed White to bring out some vibrant colors and bone shades on the alien beasts.


Hexxenhammer said...

Very nice. Are those IG? If I played 40K I'd go IG for sure.

pghgamer said...

These are a bit of converted space marines and some tyranids that I had laying around. They're gonna look a bit funky I show ya in a week or two once I have some coats of paint on them.